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Where is Russia Today?

Casting a light on global Russian military activity


We are an independent collective of Researchers, Mapping Specialists, and Military Enthusiasts using open source data to track and cast a light on global Russian military activity, where they are, and what they are doing.

Our geospatial-focused approach allows viewers to see the most up-to-date events occurring across the globe, in particular Ukraine and central Africa. All historical data is available allowing viewers to carry out their own research on global Russian activity. We collect data from multiple sources and display them as visual data points on our 3D and 2D maps where you can filter and search for specific events with ease.


The Globe

Click here to see our interactive 3D globe showing the locations and activities of the Russian military on a global scale. Complete with multiple base maps and timeline.

The Map

Click here for a 2D map showing all Russian military movement. Simpler to navigate and pan to event data-points.

The Archive Table

Our archive table holds every event data-point added to Carry out your own OSINT investigation by working through historical data to see where certain regiments or private military companies have been operating around the globe.