Friday, September 1, 2023

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Over the past week, Russian forces have taken heavy losses on the Robotyne-Verbove axis, most notably, losing ground at Robotyne and on the outskirts of Verbove.

Given the immense pressure of the Ukrainian effort in this sector and recent Russian withdrawals, it is likely that Novoprokopivka will be liberated in the next four days.

In response, disparate Russian units, many of which are chronically undermanned and undersupplied, have been 'stacked' to the south of Robotyne and to the west of Verbove.

This 'stacking' is an attempt to provide defense in depth and buy exhausted Russian units a few days to recuperate. But it has also forced Russia to commit units from elsewhere along the front, leaving their flanks particularly vulnerable.

Prominent Russian milbloggers have also stated that several Russian units have refused to take up positions on the frontline. This likely factored in the decision to reinforce the sector with elements of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division, the same unit that committed atrocities in Bucha.

Being an airborne force, the 76th is doctrinally designed for rapid, lightly armored maneuver warfare. It is poorly suited to the intense, static and defensive fighting that is now expected of them. This presents an ideal chance for Ukrainian forces to severely deplete the 76th.

Robotyne 090123.png

Robotyne 090123.png